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About ThirdHand`s Universal Tree Stand Bow Holder

"The Third Hand Bow Holder is by far the sturdiest bow holder on the market, it will fit every tree stand configuration. The third Hand Bow Holder is the most cost effective insurance you can purchase to protect your bow while hunting from a tree stand."
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida

About ThirdHand`s Climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps (pair)

"The climbing stand Stabilizer Straps are a must for anyone who uses a climber tree stand. The Stabilizer Straps secure the seat frame to the bottom platform while climbing make your ascent and descent much safer. Once you reach your desired height the straps cinch the tree stand rock solid. "
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida

About ThirdHand`s Treestand Treads

"The Tree Stand Treads are the perfect answer to squeaky wet rubber boots on the platform of your Summit Climber. They easily attach with a self adhesive peel and stick backing that will last for many years."
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida

About ThirdHand`s Universal Tree Stand Bow Holder

"I`ve used Tree Stand Bow Holder for at least 5 years. Extremely simple to set up....quiet, lightweight!Would strongly recommend it to all hunters!"
   --  george cvijic in Hershey, Pennsylvania

About ThirdHand`s DIY Range Target Skins (1 Animal 1 TicTacToe)

"I bought this Target skin from Jim over 6 years ago. It`s the only target I shoot at. I`ll put over a hundred arrows into this skin every year, and it still looks like new! I don`t think you can wear these out. Great investment, and the last target tyou will ever have to purchase."
   --  Todd in Stone Mountain