Hip Clip
Easy to use string bow holder!
The Hip Clip is a handy device that bow hunters and target shooters will want at their side.
Whether in the woods or a treestand, and
while trekking around the 3D course, archers
find this an easy way to carry their bows.

The Hip Clip is made of tire rubber about 1.5" wide. There is a V taper that the string hangs in. In the bottom of the V there is a parallel 1/32" slot that the serving gets trapped in by the weight of the bow. It will not slide unless you accidentally catch a limb or something pulls on it. It will not open till about 30 lbs of downward force is put on it. At that point it will open rather than possibly breaking something.

Price: $12.00 or 2 for $20.00

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